So why not meet the faces of Harlow's leading Letting Agency.....








David Coltman –



Myself and Ceri Evans are the two founders of Guardian. I have been involved with lettings since 1983 and started working professionally as an estate agent in December 1986, with the professional objective in mind - "to maintain a genuine wish to assist my customers on each and every occasion I speak to them". In 1988 I opened David Parrott & Co with Andrew Parrott, in Stansted, within two years we had opened a  second branch in Harlow. Sometime after we split the company taking an office each, I took sole ownership of Harlow. The prime activity of the business was estate agency, whist additionally dealing with lettings.

In 1993 the modern industry of Lettings was in its infancy and I decided to focus on this entirely. A new business was started and Guardian Residential Lettings and Sales was born!

Our initial focus was on providing landlords with good quality tenants - paying their rent in full and on time for 12 months of every year - whist maintaining the property in good condition and providing tenants with good quality accommodation with landlords who fulfil their responsibilities. The company grew rapidly, with over 400 properties managed by 2000. We changed the formation of the company in 2003 to an LLP and invited members of staff to join us as partners. I have maintained a support position since 2003. Recently, since July 2014,  I have returned to a more active role. I am now setting out our strategy to provide flawless service for landlords and tenants of the future generation.


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Mike Coleman - 


 I joined Guardian Lettings in 2001, having spent the previous years working in customer service based environments. I quickly grew into my new role as a lettings negotiator and went on to become a partner in 2003. Since then we have seen the number of properties we manage rise from 400 by a fantastic 5% year on year, and are planning to continue this success over the coming years.It is my privilege to work with an excellent team of people who bring a variety of reliable skills and experience to each of their roles within the company. With a consistent and sincere approach to my role I believe the team can continue to lead the Harlow market due to the comprehensive service we provide to all of our customers and remain as the leading agent for another 20 years.

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Ceri Evans - 



 I am one of the founder members of Guardian, along with David Coltman. I have worked within the property industry since 1992, when I started working for David Parrott & Company as an estate agency sales negotiator. At that time the lettings industry was very much in its infancy in Harlow, with a number of estate agents carrying out lettings only on an ad hoc basis. David and I identified that there was a need to have an agent in town who had a heightened focus on lettings, had an excellent knowledge of the lettings market, and was fully aware of all the legal aspects of lettings, such as the workings of a tenancy agreement, notices and the like. From this Guardian Residential Lettings & Sales was born.

 Guardian very quickly grew as a business and by the year 2003 we had a register of approximately 400 properties. My role during these years was primarily was to focus on the ‘after let’ service, ensuring tenants and landlords were happy throughout the tenancy, rents were paid on time, and properties were well maintained, always ensuring we provided exemplary customer service to our Landlords and Tenants. We had grown to such a size where we needed more hands on deck and so we invited 3 members of staff to become partners of the business: Mike Coleman, Gemma Smith & Juliette Rainbird. This has allowed me to take more of a back of house role and some time ago I moved out to Australia.

 My role in the business today involves looking after the company finances, Human Resources, company policy, and ensuring we remain on the pulse with lettings legislation. Technological advances over the last 10-15 years have made this much easier with better telephone connections between Australia and the UK, the introduction of faster internet connections, and Skype. I am very proud to have been part of Guardian since the start in 1994 and I am very excited to see where the next 20 years will take us.



Lee Surtees - 

Lettings Manager


 I have been promoted to lettings team leader after working as a senior lettings negotiator since joining Guardian in 2006. I am highly experienced in dealing with landlords and their investment portfolios.

I oversee the day to day tasks of my team ensuring our high standards are continually met and the tenancies meet our strict criteria.

I am a motivating individual working hard to make sure my team get the results I require. My degree covers graphic design which comes in useful when designing marketing campaigns for the business.





Harriett Jackson  -

Property Management Team Leader


 I have been working in the industry since 2007 and during that time I have gained extensive experience within administration and property management, ensuring all rent payments are received and processed efficiently, previously working in the estate agency department before moving to the lettings department. I am a highly-motivated senior member of the Guardian team, who thrives on challenges, promising solutions for our landlords and tenants and learning new information about the property industry.  I have been appointed as the team leader of the property management and maintenance department. I ensure our current tenancies run smoothly and I am available for any repairs, maintenance problems and making sure tenants and landlords receive excellent customer service from the whole team. I thoroughly enjoy my job and am looking forward to many more years at Guardian, helping to provide the service we are known for.


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Gemma Smith -

Senior Property Manager


 I have been with Guardian since 1997, starting work as a secretary under the modern apprenticeship scheme. In my current role as Senior Property Manager, I look after the existing tenancies at Guardian, making sure Landlords and Tenants receive a great service and have smooth running tenancies. I take inventories of the properties and check tenants out when they leave, aiming for all parties to be happy and satisfied with the end of tenancy process. I am formally a Partner of the company and successfully ran the administration and property maintenance department for over ten years. I have worked in the industry for over 15 years and have gained extensive knowledge of the lettings industry over this time.

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Laura Tunnell -

Property Manager


Since I joined Guardian in 2006 I have gained substantial knowledge in all aspects of lettings management including maintenance, rental accounts and administration.  My current role is Property Inspector, allowing me to be involved throughout the entire tenancy, liaising with both tenants and landlords to keep properties maintained and overseeing any needed improvements. My overall aim in to maintain and improve our rental stock.


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Chloe Dulake –

Junior Property Manager


 I enjoy working for Guardian where I started in March 2014 as a property assistant. I support the other experienced property managers. My role at Guardian involves me with many aspects of lettings. I am now focusing on property inspections and I am training to be a Property Inspector. This role will involve me communicating with tenants and landlords throughout the tenancy. I look forward to being able to dedicate my time to each individual tenancy in order to resolve any issues within the property and reach a satisfactory conclusion for all parties. I consider my strengths to be good communication, keen eye for detail and problem solving, I gained these skills through my education and specifically while studying for my A Levels and look forward to continuing to apply them and expand them within my work environment.


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Juliette Rainbird -

Finance Administrator


 My position at Guardian is the Financial Administrator which involves control of the company finances, bookkeeping, accounts and lease and supplier contracts for the business.

 I was formally one of the Partners with Mike Coleman and Gemma Smith from 2003 to 2013 and have stepped aside to become the Financial Administrator, alongside being a Mum. During my years at Guardian I have gained extensive experience of the property market including both estate agency and lettings. It has been a pleasure to see Guardian’s reputation and business success go from strength to strength and I am proud to remain part of its on-going growth.

 Previous work history combines eleven years sales, customer service and administration experience, locally and in London.


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Jamie Smart -

Junior Negotiator


 I joined Guardian Residential Lettings in 2014 as a Junior Negotiator. Prior to joining Guardian Lettings and Sales I worked in a corporate company dealing with business to business sales. Beginning my career in lettings I have learnt invaluable skills and a substantial amount of information regarding the rental industry. Since my time at Guardian began I have come to realise that my role is to provide all our customers both landlords and tenants with quality housing and long term rental. I have come to understand that by offering a high level of customer service we are able as team to achieve this. As I continue to develop my skills and training at Guardian I look forward to becoming a fully fledged lettings negotiator at Harlow’s largest and most successful lettings company.


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 Paul Andreotti -

Head of Estate Agency


 Having worked in various sales environments since 2000, I was invited to join Guardian in 2005 as an estate agent working along side Juliette Rainbird and quickly realised that I enjoyed working in the property industry and have real passion for helping people. I left briefly in 2008 to work on a self employed basis, in a start up company.  Upon realising that the grass was not greener on the other side I leapt at the opportunity of returning to work in Guardian’s lettings department as a negotiator in August 2009. As a dynamic salesman I enjoy the stimulating environment of working for the largest most professional agent in the town. I am currently serving our current customer base by assisting landlords when they want to sell in our newly formed landlord to landlord estate agency department in particular assisting our valued customers monitor and plan their investments for a brighter financial future.


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Rachel Wells -

Customer Liaison / Estate Agency


 I started a Saturday job with a local estate agency when I was seventeen and realised this was the industry I wanted a career in. I quickly decided to progress my career and focus on the Lettings side of the market and joined Guardian in 2004 as a lettings negotiator. Since then I have gained an extensive knowledge of the lettings industry and the Harlow market specifically. Upon returning from maternity leave after having my second child in October 2014 my role has evolved. I will now be focusing on maintaining and further increasing our high levels of customer service. This will be achieved by liaising with our current customer base to ensure that their needs are met, listening and responding sincerely to their feedback. I will be taking an active role in the expansion of the business, working with landlords in addition to this I will be maintaining our web and social media profile as well being involved with the general marketing of the business to ensure we attract new customers. I aim to bring an up-to-date approach to the company online profile yet keep our ethical core values and customer service focus central to our continued development.


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