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 need help with the following:

  • Renting your home on a long term basis and keeping it as a future investment.
  • Purchasing a buy-to-let investment property/ portfolio.
  • Transfering your rented property to us as an alternative letting agency/ stop managing your private tenancy if you are having issues (we are happy to take over existing tenancies).
  • Looking for a short term solution while you’re travelling/ buying a property.

We would like to take the time to visit you at home/ investment property to discuss our management services and the marketing of the property. Please allow minimum of an hour for this appointment to give our negotiator enough time to explain the entire lettings process in detail and identify a bespoke management package matching your requirements. 

As a landlord you must adhere to current legislation to ensure your tenancy runs legally. Please see the legislation section of our website which covers some of the main points. Please book a valuation of your property which will give us an opportunity to discuss your legal requirements in further detail. We will guide you through the process and ensure all legal aspects are managed correctly.


Guardian Residential Lettings and Sales are proud members of NALS and the Property Ombudsmen. We offer our landlords a bespoke lettings service and fee structure with no bolt on charges . We offer fees starting at 7% with a set up fee. Please be advised that all our fees have VAT to be added.

Do the figures work? - Yields

The yield of the property indicates the total gross rental annual income displayed as a percentage of the purchase price. It acts as a clear, strong guide when considering purchasing a property although is only one factor in the decision making process.

In simple terms, if your annual rental income is £20,000 and the property cost you £200,000, your gross yield is 10%. This is a basic example and does not take into account all your costs such as mortgage, repairs, service charges, fees etc. Once you take your costs into account, you are left with your net yield, this can be more meaningful as it is a direct indicator of the financial status of the property.

We strongly advise landlords ensure they are aware of the net income measured against expenditure to evaluate the performance of the property/ investment portfolio.

Listed below are some of the current local property values , with current rents being achieved for these properties. We have also given a guide to the gross rent received, then expressed this rental income as percentage of the purchase price, on an annual basis.

Type of property

    Purchase price

    Rental income

   Gross Yield

1 Bed Flats




2 Bed Flats




2 Bed Houses




3 Bed Houses






If you let out a property in the UK, tax may payable on the net rental income you receive. You will need to declare this income on your Self Assessment Tax Return. Remember – if the property you are letting is jointly owned there will be tax allowances for both parties you should only be taxable on a proportion of the income you receive but both parties may need to complete a Tax Return.

It is important to note that the following items are tax deductable:

  • The interest part of a mortgage payments
  • Management fees
  • Maintenance costs & repairs (but not improvements)
  • Buildings insurance
  • Service and maintenance charges (leasehold)
  • Ground rent (leasehold)
  • Buildings/ contents/ life insurance etc

HMRC legislation states that you will need to keep records of your income and expenses relating to the rental property for at least six years to support your Tax Returns.

We will provide you with copies of contractor’s invoices as part of our normal service and can also provide an annual statement of your account upon request.

For full and complete advice we recommend seeking the advice of an accountant. They can give you professional advice on your personal tax position and ensure you maximise your savings.

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Tax for Non – Resident Landlords

HMRC legislation requires UK letting agents to deduct income tax at a current basic rate from a landlord’s gross rental income. The withheld tax is then passed to HMRC. You can, however, apply to HMRC to receive your rental income free of any tax deductions by completing the NR1approval form.

Once authorisation has been received from HMRC then we can pay rental income without deduction of tax.

Further information on the taxation of rental income for both UK and Non Resident Landlords is available by clicking the following links: