With personal pensions in decline and stock markets erratic, property has always been a solid investment that will continue to grow over the long term. Many people in the last ten to fifteen years have seen the advantages of buying to let, creating their own lettings portfolio to secure their financial future. Since we began trading in 1994, Guardian has assisted many new and existing landlords to create and enhance their existing property portfolios, to let their properties out in a professional manner.


Rental values at all time high!


Demand for rented accommodation is very strong, and rental values are at an all time high. Letting residential property remains a strong investment opportunity, subject to purchase price, deposit and mortgage level. Depending on these ratios, it is possible for the rental income to cover the mortgage payments.


There is a high demand for good quality rental accommodation in Harlow, with an abundance of tenants currently seeking tenancies. Since the mid 1990s, the number of investors and rental properties available has steadily increased; call today to ask why!



Listed below are some of the current propert y values (January 2011), with current rents being achieved for these properties. We have also given a guide to the gross rent received, then expressed this rental income as percentage of the purchase price, on an annual basis.


Type of property     Purchase price Rental income Gross Yield
1 Bed Flats £80,000 to £95,000 £550pcm/£6600pa 8.25% - 6.94%
2 Bed Flats £95,000 to £110,000 £675pcm/£8,100pa 8.52% - 7.36%
2 Bed Houses £140,000 to £160,000     £765pcm/£9180pa 6.55% - 5.73%
3 Bed Houses £150,000 to £170,000       £850pcm/£10,200pa        6.8% - 6.00%

This is a general guide for Harlow, using good quality ex-council homes. There are many other examples of property in Harlow where the values and rental income will vary. For specific information, please call us; we will be happy to discuss the precise details of the property you have in mind.


The mortgage may be paid for through rental income, and therefore may be paid off over the length of the mortgage (10 to 25 years). In addition to this, there is the potential benefit of the property value increasing during this time. (It is of course important to remember that property values may go down as well as up.)


When the mortgage is paid off, the property can continue to be let out, providing a steady stream of income. Theoretically, the property could be remortgaged (subject to status and mortgage conditions at the time), releasing capital. The property could then continue to be let out, servicing the mortgage again. Alternatively the property can be sold at any time, realising the capital. This excellent form of investment is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK.


Developments in Harlow


At Guardian, we believe that subject to a number of ongoing developments in Harlow town centre and surrounding areas, the property market in Harlow will continue to be very strong for both freehold properties and leaseholds. As Harlow’s leading and largest letting agent, we believe that now is an excellent time to take advantage of this, and invest in the local areas;


• Fifth Avenue Development - reaching the final phases, based at the previous Harlow sports centre site. Brand new housing and accommodation is being built and rented, to be finished over the next two to three years, with a very large increase of modern living and housing in and around the Town Centre area.


• Swimming pool site - this has recently been demolished and will be re-built by Croudace Homes with approximately 60 units in place.And is due to finish by the end of 2012.


• New Hall Farm - continual development, with the first stage of 500 homes being almost completed and a second, much larger phase of 2,300 properties already underway. This will also include shops and facilities for the local community.


• Harlow North – although at its early planning stage, the land which links High Wych, Harlow and Eastwick is being discussed for a large housing development that could see Harlow expand dramatically over the coming years.This has recently hit some problems and we will be keeping our site updated when we know more.


• Harlow Town Centre North - re-development at a possible cost of £100 million. This will fall in line with the already new development based in the Water Gardens. This modern shopping precinct has a wide variety of modern shops and services all investing in and enhancing Harlow town.


When there is an abundance of properties available, it is imperative for landlords to ensure their properties are among the best available. We would recommend that all landlords ensure that their properties are clean and tidy, with good quality kitchens and bathrooms. All decoration should be co-ordinated in simple plain colours. This allows the incoming tenant to rent a good quality property, which they can turn into their own home with their furnishings and personal items. Most tenants will pay a premium rent for a property in a good location and in the best condition.


Buy-to-let mortgages


Almost any person can purchase a second property and have it legitimately let out with the knowledge of the building society or bank. Buy-to-let mortgages are extremely popular with inventors and building societies and banks will provide the buy-to-let mortgages when the investor/vendor provides 15% to 25% deposit.Although in recent months some lenders are offering more favourable rates.


The mortgage market has consistently changed over the last 12 months and may continue to do so in the future. However, with up to date information and competitive fees, a suitable deal can usually be found through an independent mortgage adviser. Should you wish to gain advice from an independent mortgage adviser, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to pass along your details to our recommended mortgage broker.


Potential investors and landlords have to calculate their commitments carefully, taking professional advice from the correct agent. At Guardian, our team offers a wide variety of experience and knowledge covering all areas of lettings and will be able to guide you through the entire process of buying in the Harlow area and renting your property out for the maximum market rent.


We have been assisting investors since 1994, and have numerous multi-landlords currently renting their properties through us. If you would like more information on our services and assistance in investing in and around Harlow, please do not hesitate to contact Lee Surtees, Rachel Wells, Paul Andreotti or Michael Coleman, who will be more than happy to advise you on a structured plan to assist you in identifying appropriate properties for purchase.


We look forward to hearing from you; please contact us on 01279 635685, or use the contact form on this site. Please also take the time to view our landlord pack, which may be of some assistance with any further queries.